Frequently asked questions

Is Haus Wallstein also suitable for larger groups?
Certainly! Special rates can also be discussed for groups. The dining room offers seating availability for 100 to 120 guests. Haus Wallstein has 20 rooms with modern furnishings spread over two floors: sixteen double rooms, two triple rooms, two single rooms, all with shower and toilet.

Planning a trip with your group?
Come to Haus Wallstein! A family-reunion is always a hit in Haus Wallstein. The fabulous environment, the many possibilities, the fine food... there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Is Haus Wallstein suitable for children?
Yes, children are most welcome at Haus Wallstein. You can discuss a discount for the little ones with Simone or Willi.

Is English also spoken?
Yes, Simone & Willi will do their best to communicate with you in English. With a little goodwill and mutual understanding, communication is absolutely no problem! Is there enough parking? Yes. There is a large car park close to the entrance. There are plenty of spaces for coaches as well.

Do I have to reserve in advance?
Yes, reservations are recommended although they may not be required in the off-season.

Is there an elevator?
No, the rooms are on the first and second floors. There are 2 x 10 wide and easy steps to the first floor.

Is there a patio to sit out on?
Indeed, there is an enjoyable outdoor sun patio with a view of the valley where the Sauer and Our rivers converge.

And the bar?
You can always go to the bar for a game of cards, to read, chat or watch TV with a glass of wine or beer large or small...

Are there other things to see and do in the area?

  • Natuurkundestation Teufelsschlucht in Ernzen met Dinosaurussenpark
  • The imperial castle in Vianden
  • The abbey town of Echternach
  • The wine museum in Ehnen
  • The gin distillery in Wallendorf
  • Trier: the oldest city in Germany
  • The historical museum in Diekirch
  • The Otrang roman villa in Fliessem
  • The "Panzerwerk Katzenkopf" west bank museum
  • Ecological lectures on Man and Nature
  • Tour through Luxembourg with guided city tour
  • The Bernard-Massard champagne cellar in Grevenmacher
  • Day trip to "Little Switzerland", including lunch (Flemish stew) served in the woods
  • Europe's largest pumped storage power station in Vianden/Stolzembourg
  • Various guided walks
  • Knight evening in a castle
  • The Eifel zoo in Lünebach
  • Hiking in the Müllerthal/Lux.
  • Furnace and Iron Museum in Hüttingen
  • Open air museum "Roscheider Hof" in Konz
  • Eagle and Wolf Park Kasselburg near Gerolstein
  • Malberg castle in Malberg
  • Oldtimer museum "Zylinderhaus" in Bernkastel-Kues
  • Flight exhibition in Hermeskeil
  • Geierlay - the longest suspension bridge in Europe in the nearby Hunsrück
  • Castle en abbey in Clerveaux//Lux.
  • City tour through the romantic town Saarburg
  • Copper mine museum in Stolzembourg
  • ...

Hiking and cycling routes are free in our hotel!
Haus Wallstein can also help you put together an appropriate programme for groups.

And for sports enthusiasts?
Walking, cycling, kayaking or canoeing, hot air ballooning, roller skating, football, mountain climbing, fishing, motorcycling... There are many opportunities for sporty types in the area! You can store your bicycle in the ground floor of the hotel overnight. You can also rent bicycles in the neighbourhood...



Omgeving Wallendorf
Omgeving Wallendorf
Omgeving Wallendorf
Omgeving Wallendorf
Are you familiar with the Südeifel natural park?
Haus Wallstein is a must!
Free public transport from March 1, 2020 in Luxembourg

spacious hotel

  • Bed & breakfast from € 35
  • Half board from € 51
  • Single room supplement: € 10
  • Supplement for a room with balcony: € 4
  • Packed lunch: € 6
These prices are per day and per person. Special discounts for children! Special discounts for groups! If requested, Haus Wallstein will organize a special programme for you, appropriate to your group!
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